Data Projects for Master Students

Entering the professional life can be challenging as often job offers claim practical experience that is difficult to acquire when we’re starting. In the scope of the Nestlé needs youth program I’m working with the University of Lausanne to provide opportunities to young professionals to run data science projects in a real working environment.

Checkout the course syllabus and if you’re a looking to enroll and collaborate on a project, please connect on LinkedIn and send a short message.

Past projects

Topics from previous projects range from Statistical Learning to Natural language processing with applications in Product Development and Manufacturing. Two formats are proposed: a Project with a duration of 2 to 3 months delivered individually or in groups of up to 5 participants; a Master Thesis with a duration of up to 6 months delivered individually. See past projects below:

2024.01.26 - Dashboard for statistical process control in milk sachets production; Technologies: Power BI; Students: T.Davies, S.Maurer, A-C.Daris; Lecturer: M-O.Boldi; University of Lausanne

2023.01.26 - Measurement method uncertainty estimation with linear mixed models for applications in Beverage Systems and Filling Lines; Students: Lucas Vogt, Mathieu Maréchal, Jacopo Beghetto; Lecturer: M-O.Boldi; University of Lausanne

2022.08.12 - Master Thesis: An interactive dashboard to support the investment decision process (modelling of a complex supply chain, including direct inventory visibility, production forecasting and capacity analysis); Technologies: R, Python, Knime analytics; Students: S.LaGenusa; Lecturer: O.Gallay; University of Lausanne

2021.12.17 - Dashboard for statistical process control in coffee capsule production; Technologies: R, Shiny; Students: S.LaGenusa, O.Aydemir, F.Darino, D.Szenes, L.Perugia; Postdoctoral Scolar: S.Orso; University of Lausanne

2021.12.17 - Machine Learning applications in coffee recipe development; Technologies: R; Students: M.Belier, M.Finini, M.Likoska, V.Rodrigues, Lecturer: M-O.Boldi, University of Lausanne

2021.06.07 - Natural Language Processing for Risk Management; Technologies: R, NLP; Students: D.Szenes, L. Perugia, N. Abdullahu and V. Kho; Lecturer: M-O.Boldi; University of Lausanne